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Pawn Loans

It is common to presume that pawning an item is the same as "selling" it. However, a pawn is a loan using the value of your items as collateral. In our case, the collateral is any item you bring to us. So, when you need cash, head over to Chad's with anything of value. We will do all we can to make the pawn process easy, and get you the amount your after.

We have been in business for over 25 years! Our commitment to our customers has allowed us to stand the test of time. We work hard and treat each customer with respect and compassion. Most importantly, we pay more! When you pawn with us, you get instant cash!

High-Value Collateral Loans

Chad's Pawn is happy to provide customers with individual consultations regarding the loan value of their items by appointment. To request an appointment, please email us today at

We will contact you to arrange a visit with an expert who can answer any questions you have.

Items We Accept



Gold & Silver

Portable A/C Units

Musical Instruments


Sporting Equipment

Small Appliances

Car Audio

Vehicles / Trailers/ ATVs

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